How to Care for Your Tie Dye Backpack: Tips and Tricks to Keep It Looking New

How to Care for Your Tie Dye Backpack: Tips and Tricks to Keep It Looking New

Tie-dye backpacks, with their bold and unique style, are known to be staple for any adventure trip. If you want to make it look fresher, you must give it the special care it deserves. The post tells you how you can care for your tie-dye backpacks and give them a newer look. Here are some tips and tricks that give you a fair idea.

Read the instructions carefully

There are instructions mentioned on the label of the tie-dye backpack. After you go through the instructions there are no chances of damage that can occur to your backpack. This point is very important as it stands on how to maintain your backpack. So, the most important thing is to go through the instructions carefully.

Wash it with hands

The best thing is to wash backpacks with your hands instead of inserting them inside the washing machines. Your machine may be unable to wash the backpack properly, leading to fabric damage. All you need is to take it under the tap and wash it with some soft detergents. If you want to get rid of the stains, you can only rub it with your hands.

No bleach and harsh detergents

Do you know some harsh detergents spoil the look of your tie-dye backpacks? Even bleaches spoil the looks of your backpacks by fading the vibrant colors. A fair detergent is good as it cleans the backpack well. So, to all the people who purchased backpacks, we recommend not using bleach and harsh detergents.

Rinsing very well

One more thing is that you need to rinse the backpack with cold water to eliminate the detergent particles. Twisting and wringing the fabric is not allowed as it can spoil the texture. Therefore, rinsing with cold water is known to be the best option as it cleans the backpack very well. It is one of the most important tips you need to follow.

Natural heat is alright

Dryers are not used while drying a tie-dye backpack, it needs natural heat. You need to hang the backpack in the shaded area where it receives heat from the sun. Many a time we noticed that dryers take away the colors. It should be under a minimum exposure to the sun as after this, your backpack will surely dry up.

No heavy items

When everything is done, you need to make sure that you are handling your backpack with extra care. Store lighter items inside the bag and try to avoid the heavy items. Storing heavy items indicates that your backpacks are prone to wear and tear. What you need to do is store lighter items like books, clothes, and a tiffin box.

Final Words

After you go through these tips and tricks, you can make your tie dye backpack look newer. These are the best options for you and maintain the aesthetic look of the backpack. That is the reason why you need to follow these tips. We at Portables2Go are here to give you the best tie-dye backpacks.

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